The silent yet powerful expression from within. A wheelchair does not limit a person’s ability; it liberates and empowers, giving movement and fluidity. Whether moving with the chair, static or out of the chair, we can provoke, captivate and engage, making disability an art.


To cast aside your inhibitions and explore your alternatives. Having the opportunity to bring to life, from paper and the imagination, another person’s ideas and creations, realising personalities and characters to entertain, engage with, relate to, love and sometimes hate.


Sharing our stories and our lives with those around us, to inspire and encourage. Demonstrating to others the opportunities around them, offering hope and encouragement. To inspire people to see they can be anything they want, if they believe in themselves.


The ability to improve the quality of our lives for greater independence and longevity. Understanding how we function, respecting our bodies and showing self-belief, while embracing all abilities for a common goal.


The opportunity to reach others, sharing ideas and aspirations. Showing others what we can be with confidence and self-belief. Representing our true selves, our differing abilities and imperfections with honesty, integrity and pride.

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