Candoco training intensive 2019

The 2 week intensive with Candoco is over and what an experience it was. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with some amazing and beautiful people, who ended up feeling like family. On top of that we had the pleasure of working with some amazing tutors, Cathy Crick, Rob, Anne-Gaëlle, Annie, Toke, Joel, Gil, Charlotte, Sue Smith, Jemimah and Annie Edwards, along with extra explorations with Rick and Tim Casson. Along with the fantastic support of Hannah, Emily, Rob, Anne-Gaëlle, Kimberley and Gil, the Pastoral Team.

To say I have learnt a lot is an understatement. I’ve learnt a lot more about contemporary dance, but in addition I have also learnt a lot about myself. On our last day, one of my fellow artists said how much she and the others felt I had changed/grown and this was the case for everyone. We learnt a lot about ourselves, our weaknesses and our strengths, our likes and dislikes, our abilities and inabilities. I personally learnt one very important thing, and that is that it’s not about fitting in to look or function the same, nor is it about adaptation. It’s about interpretation of something in common, being a collective of individuals working together as one, bringing our own unique skills and abilities together, to create something powerful and beautiful with a united meaning.

I can truly say I have never had such an exciting, enjoyable, nor emotional or demanding experience in my life, and it’s something that is going to remain with me for a very, very long time. My time working with George to create our duet will especially be something I will treasure for many a year to come.

Candoco provided us with everything we needed to flourish as individuals, whilst creating an environment where a group of strangers of varying ages, backgrounds and abilities, could feel safe, supported, nurtured and enabled, to explore multiple ideas and experiences. It was a huge honour to be selected for this intensive with Candoco in partnership with ASOS, a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would highly recommend to anyone and will be forever thankful for.

To the wonderful friends I had the pleasure of working with and who are now a part of my life, it has been a true honour to meet and work with you all, and I thank you in return for all the support and memories you have given me over the last 2 weeks. You are all such beautiful people.